[om] Status of latest standard?

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 11:52:26 CET 2004


> Can someone tell me what the formal status is of 
> the upcoming standard. 

Most of the changes that have been made since the last public draft have
been editorial and wouldn't affect the library.

However there are still some technical issues that remain to be decided
that would affect a library, and it isn't possible yet to say how they
will turn out (I could say how I want them to turn out, but that isn't
the same thing:-)

In particular the OM2 drafts have so far included a proposal that the
content model of OMV be made non-empty to allow some form of indexing of
openmath variables. This caused some discussion at the last openmath
meeting in Bremen and the current proposal may need to be modified or
removed, but it isn't clear yet what the final result will be.
Suggestions/comments on this feature welcome...



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