[om] RIACA OpenMath Library 2.0 RC3

Manolis Mavrikis m.mavrikis at ed.ac.uk
Thu Jan 13 11:18:48 CET 2005


    hi (and happy new year by the way)

    I #ve been using the RIACA library for WaLLiS to handle the OpenMath 
objects there but now I am also writing an open-source support for 
OpenMath for MathQTI (the extension of QTI that I talked to you during 
the meeting in Augsburg). 

    I have a suggestion that occured to me when I in my code I often 
have to explicitly distinguish between OMI, OMSTR and OMF when it comes 
to evaluation. So for example, I have an arithmetic expression evaluator 
and  the code was really complicated because of that. Therefore I have 
written an extension of the main OMObject that has one extra method 
getValue that checks the object's type and returns an object (Integer, 
String, Double) accordingly or null if it doesn't make sense. 
Unfortunately, this is not reusable at all and looks a bit hacky. So if 
someone else uses my ArithmeticEvaluator they will get this ExtOMOBject 
as a result. Of course it is convertable to an OMOBject but it's not so 
convenient (programming-wise) . I was thinking that perhaps it makes 
sense to add this method (even if it is not implemented) to the main 
OMObject or just implement it for OMI, OMF, OMSTR (or for the objects 
that actually makes sense) in order to have a common way of getting the 
value of these objects.
    Please let me know what you think and if you think it would be 
possible to include such a thing in RC3.


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