[om] It would like to know if it exists something similar of typingand sending you formulate mathematica

Geraldo Nodari Tieppo GNTieppo at ucs.br
Mon Mar 21 13:59:34 CET 2005

[Moderator's Note: As far as I can tell, Mr Nodari Tieppo would like to
know if there is a program for sending mathematical formulas to another
person.  Please note that he is not on the list, so you should make sure
you aren't responding to the list only.]

It would like to know if it exists something similar to msn or isc, harms that of typing and sending you formulate mathematical and others you formulate, for another person.  
              Geraldo Nodari Tieppo

Eu gostaria de saber se existe um programa que se digita as formúlas e as envia para outra pessoa, enviando com se fosse no msn.
                Geraldo N. T.
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