[Om] MACIS 2006 submission deadline extended to April 26, 2006

macis2006 at cc4cm.org macis2006 at cc4cm.org
Sat Apr 15 09:51:48 CEST 2006

=================== [Apologies for multiple copies] ===================

               MACIS 2006 - International Conference on 
       Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences
                   Beijing, China, July 24-26, 2006

                         LAST CALL FOR PAPERS

* Extended deadline for extended abstract submission

  April 26, 2006

* Invited speakers 

  Hirokazu Anai (Japan)                   Remi Monasson (France)  
  Dan Braha (USA)                         Lan Wen (China) 
  Andreas Dress (China and Germany)
* Banquet speaker

  Hoon Hong (USA)

* Conference themes 

  Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems
  Symbolic and Numeric Computation
  Algorithms and Complexity


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