[Om] binary prefixes

Arjeh Cohen amc at win.tue.nl
Thu Aug 10 22:09:40 CEST 2006


On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 04:22:41PM +0200, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> Arjeh Cohen wrote:
> >Most important seem to me that there be a file making clear what 
> >happened to the CDs (official, contributed etc.) that each committee 
> >member can edit.
> >>I think what we need is a way to show comments and links to CDs... I 
> >>would love to use trackback if possible.
> >>In general, a procedure to discuss CDs, decide on their evolution, and 
> >>*display the evolution* is something we need to discuss more.
> >>    
> >Well. I would be in favor of a documentation that can be put into
> >effect very quickly rather than a fancy method that takes an
> >unspecified amouont of time to be in place.  I would also like to
> >suggest that one of us...Paul again?... makes a beginning of the file
> >  
> agreeed... extend the log.xml to be included in the view is a wish... I 
> can't make that now though.... lack of time... I am sort of hoping some 
> of JEM investment will return to such developments... would even be 
> happy to do so at DFKI !

But can you do this in a week's time? It should not take more than
half an hour to create the file (a new one if extending other
files is too time consuming) set up some entries in it and make it
available to the committee members.  If you cannot find the time,
someone else should as otherwise our committee remains impotent...

I'll be back at the internet in about a week,

best, Arjeh

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