[Om] Second WebALT Conference and Exhibition

Olga Caprotti olga.caprotti at helsinki.fi
Fri Nov 3 16:00:42 CET 2006


Second WebALT Conference and Exhibition
29 November 2006, Online Educa Berlin


This is the final event sponsored by the Web Advanced Learning
Technologies project (EDC-22253). It takes place as a Online Educa
Pre-Conference Workshop and aims to showcase the results to users and
practitioners of e-learning technologies for teaching mathematics.

Topics of discussion and presentations will provide insight in the following:

   * Software supported testing and assessment in mathematics
   * Repositories of didactical material for online learning of
mathematics and the  sciences
   * Case studies and success stories of synchronous e-learning in mathematics
   * E-learning of mathematics in applied sciences
   * Multilingual aspects in e-mathematics
   * Data formats and communication protocols for mathematics in e-learning

The program, http://webalt.math.helsinki.fi/webalt-OEB/content/program/ ,
will consist of invited presentations by leading experts associated
with the WebALT project followed by demonstrations of WebALT software
and hands-on tutorials.

The hands-on session will offer to participants the opportunity to
review, test and try out a multilingual showcase of interactive
exercises for mathematics and related software tools.

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