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               Parallel Symbolic Computation 2007 (PASCO 2007)

                   July 27-28, 2007 -- London Canada


                         Second Announcement and 

                      C A L L   f o r   P A P E R S

  Extended Submission Deadline
  Invited Speakers
  ACM Proceedings


  The pervasive ubiquity of parallel architectures, from SMPs to multi-core 
  laptops, has led to a new quest for mathematical algorithms and software 
  capable of exploiting these computing resources. Symbolic computation 
  offers exciting, but highly complex, challenges to scientists aiming to 
  contribute to this quest.

  The goal of the present workshop is to stimulate the development of 
  parallel algorithms and software for achieving high performance in symbolic 
  computation from grids to home computers. Earlier meetings in this series  
  include PASCO '94 in Linz, Austria and PASCO '97 in Maui, U.S.A.

  PASCO 2007 is affiliated with the 2007 International Symposium on Symbolic 
  and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC 2007). Co-located with this workshop will 
  be SNC 2007, the 2007 International Workshop on Symbolic-Numeric Computation.
  SNC and PASCO will be held immediately prior to the ISSAC 2007 meeting, both
  at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. ISSAC 2007 will be held nearby 
  in Waterloo, Canada.

Invited Speakers:

  The conference is pleased to announce the following invited speakers.

    * Michael A. Bauer, Univ. of Western Ontario
    * Matteo Frigo, Cilk Arts
    * Thierry Gautier, INRIA
    * Anthony D. Kennedy, Edinburg Univ. (Jointly with SNC)
    * Katherine Yelick, Univ. of California at Berkeley 

Call for Papers:

  The program of PASCO 2007 will include invited presentations, contributed
  research papers and posters. Specific topics include, but are not
  limited to:

   * Parallel computer algebra
   * Design of high performance software tools and interfaces
     for exact and approximate procedures
   * Design and analysis of parallel algorithms for algebraic
   * Parallel computing for number theory, geometry, automatic 
     theorem proving, combinatorial and discrete methods
   * Distributed data-structures for matrices and polynomials
   * Implementations of solvers on multi-cores, SMPs, clusters,
     supercomputers and grids
   * Interactive parallel symbolic computation
   * Volunteer computing for symbolic problems
   * Applications of parallel symbolic computation

  The conference invites submission of papers presenting original research,
  either in the form of extended abstracts (2 pages) or full papers
  (up to 10 pages) in ACM format.  A LaTeX class file is available at
  http://www.orcca.on.ca/conferences/pasco2007/site/submission/submission.html .
  To submit a paper, visit http://www.easychair.org/PASCO2007.

  Conference proceedings will be published by ACM and also be in the 
  ACM Digital Library.  (To do this we have had to revise the due date for
  the camera ready version of accepted articles.)

Important Dates:

  Submission deadline:       April 16, 2007   *** Extended ***
  Notification:              May  13, 2007    *** Revised  ***
  Camera ready version due:  May  27, 2007    *** Revised  ***
  Workshop:                  July 27-28, 2007

Conference Organization:

  Chair:                Marc Moreno Maza <moreno at orcca.on.ca>
  Local Arrangements:   Eric Schost      <schost at orcca.on.ca>
  Proceedings Editor:   Stephen Watt     <watt at orcca.on.ca>
  Publicity:            Francois Lemaire <lemaire at lifl.fr>
  Administration:       Meg Borthwick    <meg at csd.uwo.ca>

Program Committee:

  Gene Cooperman, Northeastern University, USA
  Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Universite Joseph Fourier, France
  Jean-Charles Faugere, CNRS, France
  Mark Giesbrecht, University of Waterloo, Canada
  Erich Kaltofen, North Carolina State University, USA
  Anton Leykin, University of Minnesota, USA
  Marc Moreno Maza, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  Jean-Louis Roch, Universite Joseph Fourier, France
  David Saunders, University of Delaware, USA
  William Stein, University of Washington, USA
  Carlo Traverso, Universita di Pisa, Italy
  Gilles Villard, CNRS, France


  Support from the following organizations is gratefully acknowledged:

  The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
  The MITACS Network of Centers of Excellence
  The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  The University of Western Ontario
  The Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra
  The Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network


  PASCO 2007  http://www.orcca.on.ca/conferences/pasco2007
  SNC 2007    http://www.orcca.on.ca/conferences/snc2007
  ISSAC 2007  http://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/conferences/issac2007

  Submission  http://www.easychair.org/PASCO2007

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