[Om] complex systems, journal special issue

Ivana Cace ivana.cace at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 02:51:54 CET 2007

Dear list members,

Last month a special issue of INDECS devoted to modelling related to
human development and poverty, was published online and on paper. All
full text articles are freely available from
Most of the contributions (see below) use some form of Agent Based
Modeling, and as such I hope they will provide interesting reading for
everyone interested in the modeling of complex real world problems.

kind regards,

Ivana Cace

Complexity meets development - a felicitous encounter on the road of
life; L.L. Smith
Modelling local monetary flows in poor regions: a research setup to
simulate the multiplier effect in local economies; R.C. Hoekstra, H.
van Arkel and B. Leurs
Unravelling the unsustainability spiral in sub-Saharan Africa: an
agent based modelling approach; G. van Hofwegen, G.A. Becx, J.A. van
den Broek and N.B.J. Koning
Complexity of Social Stability: A model-to-model analysis of
Yugoslavia's decline; M. Neumann
Intending the unintended: the act of building agent-based models as a
regular source of knowledge generation; E. Johnston, Y. Kim and M.
Modelling evolving rules for the use of common-pool resources in an
agent-based model; A. Smajgl

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