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Michael Kohlhase m.kohlhase at jacobs-university.de
Sun Dec 30 12:49:52 CET 2007

Dear all,

I have seen that OpenMath is under-documented in the national
Wikipedias; I have slightly updated the english OM page on Wikipedia and
completely rewritten the German one after the english template. There
are OM pages in the italian and Czech Wikipedias.

I think that an international standard like OpenMath should be
documented on the national Wikipedias, and we should have a good and
complete coverage there. This may be the current best way of getting
attention to our joint cause.

So at least the Italian (Olga?) and Czech (???) pages, which are very
rudimentary should be extended. For other national wikipedias, it might
be a little harder to establish an OM page. But certainly doable.

So if you are a native speaker, get a Wikipedia account and start
transtlating. It would be very natural to have a page in the Finnish
Wikipedia, since the OMSoc is based there (Mika?). If you see any
mistakes or omissions on the English or German page, please directly
edit it or tell me. Especially the German page would profit from a
careful reading.

If you have problems or questions, plese send them to the list. We have
at least one experienced wikipedian (Christoph Lange) on the list. I for
instance had some problems translating the word content dictionary to
German. I have the feeling that such a term should be translated to be
able to talk about this important topic in German, but I am not sure I
am happy with the translation I chose. So there is the aspect of
bringing your native language up to the 21 century.

Wouldn't an OM  Wiki page in your native language be a good new year's

A happy new year to you all wishes,


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