[Om] svn.openmath.org is now opened

W Naylor wn at cs.bath.ac.uk
Mon Jul 9 13:15:59 CEST 2007


As a start, I would propose that the CDs:


should be grouped into a group/directory (are we talking CDGroups here?) 
perhaps called physical_entitites. I further would prepose that dimension1 
should be split into primary dimensions and derived dimensions (I think 
this was suggested before - either James or Arjeh?) though there is some 
question as to which symbols should be the primary ones.

The linalg?.ocd cds could go in a linear algebra group, though maybe some 
restructuring / renaming needs to be done here. I had a (e-)conversation 
with Arjeh a couple of years back with reference to this, I could probably 
drag this out of my archives or maybe he would like to ake over this 

other groups I would suggest are:


On Mon, 9 Jul 2007, Paul Libbrecht wrote:

> Hello,
> following discussions on om3.
> We have re-organized the CD directory as follows:
> - Official: contains all CDs in their form released by the latest OpenMath
> standard.
> - OfficialDraft: contains current work into making the next version of the
> official content-dictionaries for the upcoming OpenMath standard. It currently
> contains a copy of Official but is current work of James and Michael, I think.
> - experimental: contains all other content dictionaries submitted to us. They
> should be grouped into project or ownerships which should make management
> easier. Each project directory should, if applicable, contain a cd and sts
> directory and any other applicable file types.
> Currently it contains a single sortme directory with CDs expected to reclaim
> paternity.
> I would please request anyone to have a quicklook at the sortme directory:
>    http://svn.openmath.org/cd/experimental/sortme/
> and propose directory-names/project-names/author-names to be grouped under.
> thanks in advance.
> paul
> PS: https://svn.openmath.org/ an also be used from now on.
> Le 6 juil. 07 à 12:27, Paul Libbrecht a écrit :
> > we have now opened the subversion repository http://svn.openmath.org/
> > This repository is in public read-access. Write access, based on
> > digest-authentication, is granted to collaborating parties.
> > 
> > The repository is now populated as follows:
> > - OpenMath3, currently a simple copy of OpenMath2 to be a start for the
> > work towards
> > - cd: currently the official CDs, maybe later all CDs being exchanged ?
> > James? Maybe we need more structure here, e.g. one sub-directory per
> > origin or status.
> > - cdgroups: currently all CD-groups
> > - sts: the types attached to the CDs (maybe move them inside CDs?)
> > - www: the xml source files for the www.openmath.org website, currently
> > still has its own cd-collection
> > - wwwmass: the bulk of download data for www.openmath.org (21Mb, maybe
> > lacking some parts)
> > 
> > The objective is to stimulate exchanges about the OpenMath3 standard as
> > well as ease the contribution to the website.
> > 
> > This URL can browsed using a simple browser, which will present the last
> > version. Subversion clients can, otherwise, be used to read the history
> > or checkout and commit parts. See http://svn.tigris.org/.

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