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jhd at cs.bath.ac.uk jhd at cs.bath.ac.uk
Fri Aug 1 13:06:16 CEST 2008

On Fri, August 1, 2008 11:24 am, David Carlisle wrote:
>> But then, wouldn't OpenMath 3 be a good opportunity to get rid of
>> old-fashioned namespace replacements?  We've had XML namespaces for
>> almost 10 years now, after all.
> If we'd had them for 20 years then almost certainly we wouldn't have to
> have om:OMA or m:mrow, and could have had om:A and m:row but 10 years
> ago  was just a few months too late for both OM and MathML to use this....
> I refer to Michael's accurate prediction of my gut reaction to any
> suggestion of changing names at this stage:-)
As regards OMA etc., I am strongly with David's gut reaction.

As regads CDDefinition I am not quite so conservative: my gut feeling is
that Christoph's tools do nearly all the CD-reading there is, and, IF OM3
is going to change the structure of CDs any way, we might as well
modernise in the process.

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