[Om] MCS special issue: call for papers

G. Vegter gert at iwinet.rug.nl
Fri Aug 15 14:00:36 CEST 2008

	Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Mathematics in Computer Science

	Algorithms and Complexity at the Interface of Mathematics and Computer Science

	Guest Editors: Gert Vegter and Chee Yap

	Theoretical algorithms and their complexity are central in
	foundational research at the interface between mathematics and
	computer science. This will be the focus of this special issue
	of Mathematics in Computer Science (MCS).

	There are many current challenges at the interface of
	continuous and discrete computation. For instance, how can we
	faithfully and efficiently discretize a continuous geometric
	object, or a continuous problem? Efficient new algorithmic
	techniques must be developed and analyzed. The inherent
	complexity of such problems needs to be characterized. Such
	considerations are central to current research areas such as:
	    * robust geometric algorithms
	    * the surface-surface intersection (SSI) challenge in geometric modeling
	    * mesh generation with topological guarantees
	    * the development of a theory of real computation
	    * the emerging field of numeric-algebraic computation

	The deadline for submission is September 30, 2008

	See http://www.cs.rug.nl/~gert/content/mcs-cfp.html for	further details. 
	The journal website is http://www.cc4cm.org/mcs/


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