[Om] OM->OM Phrasebook

Bryce L Nordgren bnordgren at fs.fed.us
Sat Dec 27 18:18:06 CET 2008

-----Paul Libbrecht <paul at activemath.org> wrote: -----

>What about... another symbol?
>Just one that says something such as "the expression on the left *can
>be* computed with the expression on the right" ?


Something that just occurred to me is that the OM spec already elucidates
the concept for what we are talking about.  I think we're talking about an
OM->OM Phrasebook here.  When an implementation is required on a host
system, the Phrasebook is the device specified to match symbol to
executable code.

Why can it not be the same here?  Obviously, an OM->OM Phrasebook can only
be used for the case where the new symbol is completely defined in terms of
existing/well known symbols.  Such a device should be portable between

What do you think?

BTW: I've sent a couple of messages to the list with GIF image attachments,
but I think the listserver ate them.  Is there a more appropriate way to
share visual information (e.g. UML diagram of the OM object model)?


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