[Om] SWiM 0.2 released (semantic wiki for mathematics), soon more OpenMath support

Christoph LANGE ch.lange at jacobs-university.de
Sun Feb 24 13:49:50 CET 2008

Dear OpenMath community,

  I released the current, intermediate state of SWiM, an OMDoc-based semantic 
wiki for mathematics, as version 0.2 in order to be able to fully concentrate 
on extended OpenMath support for 0.3.

New features are:

1. a completely redesigned and improved user interface, mostly thanks to the 
hard work Sebastian Schaffert did on IkeWiki 

2. rendering of mathematical formulae in MathML 3, according to notation 
definitions for symbols that can dynamically be made inside the wiki, using 
the mmlproc renderer developed by Normen and Christine Müller 
(http://kwarc.info/projects/mmlkit/). This way of defining notations of 
symbols will also be the one of the upcoming OpenMath 3 and OMDoc 1.8 

3. a way to edit OMDoc XML structures as tables and OpenMath content-markup 
formulae in a linearized ASCII notation inside the TinyMCE HTML editor 

4. import and export working for OMDoc documents, and partly working for 
OpenMath content dictionaries and MathML 3 notation definitions.

For the next milestone, I'll mainly be working on enhancing the OpenMath 
support, e.g. turning SWiM into a proper editor for OpenMath content 
dictionaries. For technical details, see the roadmap at 
https://trac.kwarc.info/swim/roadmap – some of my plans are:

* importing/exporting OpenMath CDs from/to the wiki -- either natively or with 
conversion to OMDoc
* easier editing support for OpenMath formulae
* full editing support for CDs, type signatures, and notation definitions
* integration with the OpenMath Subversion repository

Check out …

* the live demo at http://swim.kwarc.info
* the project homepage at http://kwarc.info/projects/swim/ for further 
information, downloading an installable packags or the sources, and recent 
* the bug tracker at http://trac.kwarc.info/swim/ to report bugs or to request 
* the SWiM mailing list at 
http://lists.jacobs-university.de/mailman/listinfo/project-swim and the 
MathWeb wiki page at http://mathweb.org/wiki/SWiM for more announcements and 
to participate in detailed discussions.



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, Skype duke4701

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