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Christoph Lange ch.lange at jacobs-university.de
Wed Jan 2 12:14:02 CET 2008

Dear Michael, dear all,

  first of all, happy new year :-)

Michael, I proof-read your extensions to the German article – great that you 
extended it to the same level as the English article!

On Sunday 30 December 2007 12:49:52 Michael Kohlhase wrote:
> So at least the Italian (Olga?) and Czech (???) pages, which are very
> rudimentary should be extended. For other national wikipedias, it might
> be a little harder to establish an OM page. But certainly doable.

By “harder”, do you mean that it will be hard to find authors who speak that 
language? I don't think so – how about our friends from Spain, the 
Netherlands, etc.? (BTW, it doesn't seem that Olga is the author of the 
Italian article.)

Otherwise, it should be easy to place a well-written article (e.g. a 
translation from de or en) in any Wikipedia. No Wikipedia project should 
reject it due to irrelevance.

> I for
> instance had some problems translating the word content dictionary to
> German.

But I think your finding “Inhaltslexikon” is fine.

> So there is the aspect of
> bringing your native language up to the 21 century.

;-) – Yes, I agree, that's an important issue.



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