[Om] Adopting the VoCamp idea? (Meeting series for creating lightweight vocabularies)

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Tue Sep 30 05:14:09 CEST 2008


you need to explain the differences and technicalities here!
I tend to misconsider groups that name their subjects vocabularies  
since they generally represent the "ontology-is-too-complex" camp  
which uses this argument to avoid standardization in many respects.  
(look at http://www.eurydice.org/ for example).

Some better impressions?


Le 29-sept.-08 à 15:46, Christoph LANGE a écrit :

> Dear OpenMath users/developers,
> I recently became aware of the existence of a new event series called
> VoCamp (http://vocamp.org), where people meet to create lightweight
> vocabularies and ontologies.  Maybe that would be a good thing to  
> have in the
> OpenMath world as well.  VoCamp originates in the semantic web, but  
> except for
> a different terminology their ideas are quite related to ours.  What  
> would you
> think about having a, let's say, CDCamp -- an event where the  
> community meet
> to create OpenMath CDs?  (See below for more details)
> What do you think about that?  Maybe we should even jump on the  
> VoCamp wagon,
> as they already have a community portal and some guidelines
> (http://vocamp.org/wiki/Best_Practices) -- semantic-web biased at  
> the moment,
> but that can be generalised.
> Cheers,
> Christoph
> Quoting from http://vocamp.org/wiki/WhatIsVoCamp:
>> Continued growth of the Web of Data/Semantic Web is heavily  
>> dependent on the
>> availability of vocabularies/ontologies that can be used to publish  
>> data.
> I'm pretty sure the same holds for the availability of CDs, and we  
> in the
> OpenMath community are not only restricted to publishing data, of  
> course.
>> While a number of key vocabularies are in widespread use, there are  
>> also
>> many areas with little or no vocabulary coverage, hindering the  
>> ability to
>> publish data in these domains.
> And, e.g. judging from the Matrix CD discussion on the OM3 list, I  
> think there
> are many OpenMath users out there who have created their own CDs the  
> community
> could use but just doesn't know.
>> VoCamp is a series (hopefully) of informal events where people can  
>> spend
>> some dedicated time creating lightweight vocabularies/ontologies  
>> for the
>> Semantic Web/Web of Data. The emphasis of the event(s) is not on  
>> creating
>> the perfect ontology in a particular domain, but on creating vocabs  
>> that are
>> good enough for people to start using for publishing data on the  
>> Web. The
>> intention is to follow a "paper first, laptops second" format,  
>> where the
>> modelling is done initially on paper and only later committed to  
>> code.
> Sounds reasonable to get a first seed, which would be refined later.
> -- 
> Christoph Lange, DERI Galway/Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange
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