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Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Wed Apr 1 22:13:07 CEST 2009

Note that this is a hot topic happening right now in the W3C Math  
working group.
MathML3 should provide enough specification for Maple and Mathematica  
to put and get MathML content reliably.
We have a Maple guy on board and it seems to follow. Whether it'll  
flow into Maple 13, 14 ??...
Mathematica, it seems, followed an earlier draft of MathML3 and puts  
presentation mathml in the clipboard thus far.

So... hopes are not lost.


Le 01-avr.-09 à 19:36, Jacques Carette a écrit :

>> I wish you were right but, as far as I know you can only paste  
>> MathML into Maple.
>> Copying first involves invoking a function that generates the  
>> MathML, or using the "export as html" (where you can read the  
>> mathML-content as applet params, oh glory!).
> Right, 'copy' does not automatically put the MathML format onto the  
> clipboard, for any of the interfaces (in Maple).  You have to do  
> this manually.  Hmmm, I thought it used to put out MathML on the  
> clipboard too, I must have mis-remembered.  Too bad, that would be a  
> nice feature.
> It does seem you can paste MathML as a 'string' in Mathematica, and  
> then use ImportString[] to read it in properly. Awkward, yes, but  
> feasible.
>> (note, this was in Maple 10 on Mac, there may be differences and  
>> novelties in Maple 11 or 12)
> Nope - just checked Maple 12 on Windows, still no improvement there.

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