[Om] OpenMath on the Semantic Web?

Juergen Zimmer jzimmer at ags.uni-sb.de
Tue Feb 3 01:41:16 CET 2009

Dear Paul,

I agree with your criticism.
But you didn't mention the 'or' in
   '...there are no ontologies or other explicit semantics involved.'
Maybe what the reviewers referred to was
   '...explicit formal semantics.'
Ontology languages directly correspond to (some subset of) first-order 
logic with its classical formal semantics. That's something I haven't 
seen in OpenMath so far.
In general, I have always regarded the parallel development of the
Semantic Web and OpenMath (CDs) as a real pity, because in principal
both communities more or less want the same thing.
Anyway, that's my 10cents.


Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> Hello fellow OpenMathers,
> I wanted to draw your attention to that blog post I made:
>    http://eds.activemath.org/en/node/223
> where I rant against a formal disqualification we endured while  
> claiming that an OpenMath research had to do with the semantic web.
> Comments?
> paul
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