[Om] OM errata (was: OMR xref vs href)

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 18:05:29 CET 2009

Thanks for raising that again.

> As the 2.0 standard is over four years old, I found it a bit unlikely
> that such an error would have gone unnoticed for this long

probably no one tried using the hex literal form so never noticed the
schema didn't allow it. I'd 

> * There appears to be no information on how to report errors.
>    (Unlike the case with the MathML standards, which carry a notice
>    asking that errors are reported to www-math at m3.org.)

I think this list is it although I agree the website, and prefereably
the document itself ought to have said /say that.

>  (It also seems to disallow multiple whitespace 
> characters in sequence, which strikes me as unnecessarily restrictive; 
> consider indentation in an integer wrapped over several lines.)

I'm sure the intention was to allow multiple spaces here, so that's a
schema bug.

on allowing hex

> Since this change is not noted in the list of changes, I presume it is
> the schema that has an error.

I guess so, although I wonder if there was an explict decision to change
this for OM2 and just allow decimal, but that got implemented in the
schema but not the text. I suppose I should try to search for minutes of
meetings around that time... On the other hand since  the text of the
standard has stood for so long now, perhaps we should stick with hex
even if the intention was to drop it and change the schema as you
suggest, I suppose

pattern = "(\s*(-\s*)?[0-9]+(\s|[0-9]+)*)   | (\s*(-\s*)?x\s*[0-9A-F]+(\s|[0-9A-F]+)*)"}}


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