[Om] Math Domain for DITA

Bryce L Nordgren bnordgren at fs.fed.us
Tue Feb 24 02:00:16 CET 2009

DITA is a technical documentation format (like DocBook or LaTeX) written 
as an XML grammar. 

It lacks any "official" support for mathematics. 

I started a page here (http://dita.xml.org/wiki/math-domain-requirements) 
to hash out the requirements of a math "domain" for DITA.  I've tried to 
avoid duplicating any functionality in MathML or OpenMath while adding a 
layer which would be useful to me (associating math expressions, which 
could be presentation MathML, with symbol definitions such that document 
processors keep the two together.) 

Any interested parties, please comment on this effort or edit the above 
wiki page to correct my ignorance.  I have a use-case document attached to 
the page: 
http://dita.xml.org/wiki/workspace-to-develop-a-math-domain-for-dita . 
This document should give an idea of the kinds of utility I want the math 
"domain" to have.

I may be doing something similar for OpenDocument soon.  They just put out 
a call for requirements for ODF-Next.  I'd love to be able to manage a 
platform-neutral formula library from within an office suite: cut an 
equation out of a journal article and have it work in a spreadsheet 
without retyping it... 

In both cases (ODF and DITA) I acknowledge the fact that I am less than an 
expert when it comes to MathML and OpenMath, and I am certainly not well 
versed in what is coming down the pike ala version 3.  Please, if you 
notice me doing something clumsy and inept, make it elegant. ;) 


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