[Om] Tuple and list : any distinction?

Professor James Davenport jhd at cs.bath.ac.uk
Thu Feb 18 19:28:15 CET 2010

On Thu, February 18, 2010 5:56 pm, Joe Collins wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> implies tuple concatenation is normal.
> (Sorry, I didn't mean to knock you for inconsistency).
[I'm not sure Michael means OM Tuples>
> Let me, however, get straight to my real concern.
> I want to represent a coordinate variable tuple like (X, Y, Z) or
> (r, theta, phi). I do NOT consider these "vectors" in general.
> I was considering using tuple to construct them, but then needed a
> means of indexing them. Either adding a "tuple_selector" symbol or using
> the existing list symbols seemed to be the two best options, with my
> preference towards the "tuple_selector" symbol.
> After this feedback on the OpenMath flavor of things, my preference has
> increased in that direction.
Agreed, and tuple selection does indeed appear to be missing (except that
we are told that tuples can be made from pairs, and we have Pair
I guess by analogy it should be called 'Proj'.
But I didn't write ECC. Olga - did you?

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