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	     AISC 2010 - 10th International Conference on 
	       Theory, Implementations and Applications
	    CNAM, Paris, France, July 5th - July 6th, 2010


Artificial  Intelligence and  Symbolic Computation  are two  views and
approaches for automating  problem solving, in particular mathematical
problem solving.  The two  approaches are based  on heuristics  and on
mathematical  algorithmics, respectively. Artificial  Intelligence can
be  applied to Symbolic  Computation and  Symbolic Computation  can be
applied  to Artificial  Intelligence. Hence,  a wealth  of challenges,
ideas, theoretical insights and  results, methods and algorithms arise
in  the  interaction  of  the  two fields  and  research  communities.
Advanced tools of software technology and system design are needed and
a broad spectrum  of applications is possible by  the combined problem
solving power of the two fields.

Hence, the conference is in the center of interest and interaction for
various research communities:

 * Artificial Intelligence  * Logic
 * Symbolic Computation     * Software Technology 
 * Computer Algebra         * Semantic Web Technology
 * Automated Reasoning      * Mathematical Knowledge Management 
 * Formal mathematics       * Computer-based Math Teaching & Didactics
 * Machine Learning         * Computer-Supported Publishing 
 * Automated Discovery      * Language and System Design 

Topics of particular interest of the conference include:

  * AI in Symbolic Mathematical Computing
  * Computer Algebra Systems and Automated Theorem Provers
  * Symmetries in AI problems
  * Engineering, Industrial and Operations Research Applications
  * Foundations and Complexity of Symbolic Computation
  * Mathematical Modeling of Multi-Agent Systems
  * Implementations of Symbolic Computation Systems
  * Programming Languages for Symbolic Computation
  * Symbolic Computations for Expert Systems and Machine Learning
  * Symbolic Computation and Ontologies 
  * Logic and Symbolic Computing
  * Implementation and Performance Issues
  * Intelligent Interfaces
  * Symbolic Techniques for Document Analysis

Papers on  other topics  with links to  the above research  fields and
topics will also be welcomed for consideration.


The proceedings of the conference will be published as a volume in the
series   Lecture   Notes   in   Artificial  Intelligence   (LNAI)   by
Springer-Verlag. Accepted papers will have to be prepared in LaTeX and
formatted according to the  requirements of the Springer's LNAI series
(the    corresponding   style   files    can   be    downloaded   from
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html  and  are  the same  for


Theoretical and applied research papers on all topics within the scope
of the conference are invited.  Submitted papers (in English) must not
exceed 15 pages  in length (in the LNCS style).  The title page should
contain the title,  author(s) with affiliation(s), e-mail address(es),
listing of keywords  and abstract plus the topics  from the above list
to which the paper is related. The program committee (PC) will subject
all  submitted papers  to a  peer review.  Theoretical papers  will be
judged  on their  originality  and contribution  to  their field,  and
applied papers  on the importance and originality  of the application.
Results must be original and have not been published elsewhere.

The web page for electronic submission is at:


Best Paper Awards

Every  submission automatically  competes  for the  Best Paper  Award.
Papers  which have  been mainly  developed  by (PhD)  students can  be
marked as student papers upon  submission to also compete for the Best
Student Paper Award.

Important Dates

 Abstract Submission deadline:            February 19, 2010 
 Submission deadline:                     February 26, 2010
 Notification:                               April 18, 2010
 Camera Ready Version:                       April 28, 2010
 Conference:                          July 5 - July 6, 2010

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