[Om] Several Newbie Questions

Manuel Schölling manuel.schoelling at gmx.de
Tue Jul 6 12:38:03 CEST 2010


thank you very much for your great responses!

About the editors:
- Wiris formular editor,
  MathDox formula editor,
  Sentido formula editor:
They are nice, but web based. I'm searching for one you can embed into
an application.

- Gemse: I don't understand how this editor works. I'm using Firefox 3.6
but I cannot edit nor click anything on the demo page.

- SCIEnce Java libraries: Where can I find the homepage of this project?

> To me it sounds just like creating a phrasebook for C(++).
Yes, probably you're right. But when you are talking about phrasebooks,
how should they be implemented?
Is there any standard for phrasebooks or do you mean, should I just use
the OpenMath C library and write my own parser?

> You could also look, in terms of parsing and computing formulations,
> the work of my student Ivelina Stoyanova (to be presented at MathUI:
> paper attached).
Thanks, it's a nice tool!

Once again: Thank you very much for your hints!



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