[Om] Adding DLMF links to CDs [Re: How to translate csymbol/@definitionURL]

Urs Holzer urs at andonyar.com
Sun Jul 18 14:48:06 CEST 2010

Professor James Davenport wrote:
> Then a more modest goal would be to state that
> "The FMP for sin is owl:sameas dlmf.nist.gov/4.14.E1" and here I
> think we really DO mean owl:sameas, since I think they both have the
> same deep author (Gauss, I believe), and who the shallow author is
> doesn't reallly concern me - I imagine both JHD and DLMF looked at
> A+S before writing their components.

I am not sure that we mean owl:sameas. There are other things that one 
wants to describe than only the author, say who is responsible, who can 
update it, how it is encoded and so on. I believe that two documents are 
only owl:sameAs if they are exactly the same, byte by byte.

In my opinion, the only right thing is to do the following:

We have a document <4.14.E1> that describes something we call 
<smybol4.14.E1>. (Where <smybol4.14.E1> is not a document that can be 
retrieved, but just an identifier.)
Our document <4.14.E1> is based on the work of Gauss.

Our FMP describes a symbol transc1#sin.
Our FMP is based on the work of Gauss.
Our symbol transc1#sin is the same as <smybol4.14.E1>.

Note that if DMLF suddenly finds out that their <smybol4.14.E1> and 
<smybol6.23.E3> are the same, they can simply add a

<smybol4.14.E1> owl:sameAs <smybol6.23.E3> .

I guess this is what Christoph had in mind from the beginning. What he 
wants to do is to encode the statement
    Our symbol transc1#sin is the same as <smybol4.14.E1>.
in OpenMath. How to do this has already been discussed (with no final 
result, right?)

I am slowly loosing the overview of the discussion, I need a summary.


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