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                      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                                   NFM 2011
               Third NASA Formal Methods Symposium

                       Pasadena, California, USA
                          April 18 - 20, 2011



The NASA Formal Methods Symposium is a forum for theoreticians and
practitioners from academia, government and industry, with the goals
of identifying challenges and providing solutions to achieving
assurance in mission- and safety-critical systems. The focus of the
symposium is on formal methods, and aims to foster collaboration
between NASA researchers and engineers and the wider aerospace and
academic formal methods communities. The symposium will be comprised
of a mixture of invited talks, invited tutorials, and presentation of
papers and tool demonstrations.


There will be no registration fee charged to participants.


Rustan Leino, Microsoft Research, USA:

   "From Retrospective Verification to Forward-Looking Development"

Oege de Moor, University of Oxford, UK:

   "Do Coding Standards Improve Software Quality?"

Andreas Zeller, Saarland University, Germany:

   "Specifications for Free"


Andreas Bauer, NICTA and Australian National University, Australia, and
Martin Leucker, University of Luebec, Germany:

   "The Theory and Practice of SALT - Structured Assertion Language forTemporal Logic"

Bart Jacobs, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium:

   "VeriFast: a Powerful, Sound, Predictable, Fast Verifier for C and Java"

Michal Moskal, Microsoft Research, USA:

   "Verification of Functional Correctness of Concurrent C Programs with VCC"


NFM 2011 is the third edition of the NASA Formal Methods Symposium,
organized by NASA on a yearly basis. The first in 2009 and was
organized at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. The
second in 2010 was organized at NASA head quarters, Washington
D.C. The symposium originated from the earlier Langley Formal Methods
Workshop series.


Mihaela Bobaru, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Klaus Havelund, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Gerard Holzmann, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Rajeev Joshi, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Tom Ball, Microsoft Research, USA
Howard Barringer, University of Manchester, UK
Saddek Bensalem, Verimag Laboratory, France
Nikolaj Bjoerner, Microsoft Research, USA
Eric Bodden, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
Marsha Chechik, University of Toronto, Canada
Rance Cleaveland, University of Maryland, USA
Dennis Dams, Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium
Ewen Denney, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Matt Dwyer, University of Nebraska, USA
Cormac Flanagan, UC Santa Cruz, USA
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Patrice Godefroid, Microsoft Research, USA
Alex Groce, Oregon State University, USA
Radu Grosu, Stony Brook, USA
John Hatcliff, Kansas State University, USA
Mats Heimdahl, University of Minnesota, USA
Mike Hinchey, Lero - the Irish SW. Eng. Research Centre, Ireland
Sarfraz Khurshid, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Orna Kupferman, Jerusalem Hebrew University, Israel
Kim Larsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Rupak Majumdar, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Kenneth McMillan, Cadence Berkeley Labs, USA
Cesar Munoz, NASA Langley, USA
Madan Musuvathi, Microsoft Research, USA
Kedar Namjoshi, Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent, USA
Corina Pasareanu, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Shaz Qadeer, Microsoft Research, USA
Grigore Rosu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Nicolas Rouquette, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
Kristin Rozier, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
John Rushby, SRI International, USA
Wolfram Schulte, Microsoft Research, USA
Koushik Sen, Berkeley University, USA
Sanjit Seshia, Berkeley University, USA
Natarajan Shankar, SRI International, USA
Willem Visser, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Mahesh Viswanathan, University of Illinois, USA
Ben Di Vito, NASA Langley, USA
Mike Whalen, University of Minnesota, USA


Ewen Denney, NASA Ames Research Center
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, NASA Ames Research Center
Klaus Havelund, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Gerard Holzmann, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Cesar Munoz, NASA Langley
Corina Pasareanu, NASA Ames Research Center
James Rash, NASA Goddard
Kristin Y. Rozier, NASA Ames Research Center
Ben Di Vito, NASA Langley

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