[Om] tiny patch to CD XSLT code

Paul Libbrecht paul at hoplahup.net
Wed Apr 27 10:47:32 CEST 2011


as per the build.xml it is still used to produce cdnames.html and cdnamess.html but these seem to be the  only one.
The current OM site is built by an Ant that contains a saxon9.


Le 27 avr. 2011 à 10:09, David Carlisle a écrit :

> On 26/04/2011 14:31, Dima Sorkin wrote:
>>   2. The filehttp://svn.openmath.org/OpenMath/www/cdfiles2/xsl/cdnames.xsl  still has that Java call...
>>       It does not block any of my activities, just to notify ...
> yes I saw that but didn't change immediately as the whole thing is still 
> xslt1 and could do with an update. I'd need to check, is it still used 
> at all, or could we just lose it?

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