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Wed Mar 9 21:58:39 CET 2011

Dear Colleague,
This is a reminder for Abstract Submission for the 4th Chaotic Modeling and
Simulation International Conference (IV CHAOS2011, Agios Nikolaos, Crete,
Greece, 31 May - 3 June 2011).
Related information is at the conference website http://www.cmsim.org
<http://www.cmsim.org/>  . See also the Special and Invited Sessions and
Workshops webpage and send your abstracts to: secretariat at cmsim.org or to
the event organisers.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Agios Nikolaos for the conference,
Prof. Christos H. Skiadas 
Conference Chair
Data Analysis and Forecasting Laboratory 
Technical University of Crete, Greece
Website: http://www.cmsim.net <http://www.cmsim.net/>  
Plenary and Keynote Talks of the Conference
Marisa Faggini, University of Salerno, Italy
Chaos Theory: Implications for Economic Analysis
Hansjorg Kielhofer, University of Augsburg, Germany
Pattern Formation of the Stationary Cahn-Hilliard Model
Vic J Law, Dublin City University, National Center of Plasma Science and
Technology, Dublin, Ireland
Decoding of atmospheric pressure plasma emission signals for process control
Alexander G Ramm, Department of Mathematics, Kansas State University, USA
Stability of solutions to some evolution problems
Ferdinand Verhulst
Institute of Mathematics, Utrecht, The Netherlands
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