[Om] om2cmml.xsl is buggy ?

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Thu Mar 17 10:29:05 CET 2011

On 17/03/2011 00:29, Dima wrote:
> Hi.
>    I did not suceed to produce content mathml representation document
> using om2cmml.xsl. I tried to create a Content-MathML from the file
> http://svn.openmath.org/OpenMath/www/cdfiles2/cd/calculus1.ocd using
> http://svn.openmath.org/OpenMath/www/cdfiles2/xsl/om2cmml.xsl via Xalan,
> Saxon-B and XSLTProc with their usual syntax, with no success.

They are XPath 2 stylesheets so xalan and xsltproc will not  work.
they should work with saxon though.
Note that  om2cmml is just designed to translate openmath elements (not 
full CDs) and is designed to start in the mode om2cmml. So if you have a 
document with top level element an OMOBJ

java -jar saxon9.jar -im om2cmml openmath.xml om2cmml.xsl

should do the right thing.

On a full CD file such as calculus1.ocd then you want cd.xsl which will
import om2cmml and apply the templates in the right mode when it reaches 
any openmath.


> om2pmml and om2popcorn work fine though...
> Can someone check the issue, and if he/she succeed to transform using
> om2cmml (or any other form to produce content mathml), explain how it
> was done and what were the command lines ?
> Thanks, regards,
>    Dima.
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