[Om] Referencing OM symbols in text

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Fri Mar 1 15:33:19 CET 2013

On 01/03/2013 13:46, Lars Hellström wrote:
> Writing a paper, it occurs to me that since most of the OM I've seen
>  has been the raw XML encodings of objects, I'm not so sure how one
> would preferably refer to an OM symbol in ordinary text.

> Some styles which I think I have seen are
> gamma at nums1     ("email style"?)

> nums1#gamma     (URI style)

> nums1.gamma     (Popcorn style?)

One we used to use a bit at one time was pseudo namespace style


In the "prefix form" formatting used in the original CD layout
I asked a similar question around the people involved at
that time and in the end we came up with don't display the cd name at
all explicitly but make each name a link to its cd symbol so the full
name is deducible if you hover over the link. That doesn't work so well
for paper publications though...

Probably now I'd omit the cd name if it is deducible from the context
otherwise if I was using (say) popcorn syntax for all the expressions
I'd go with that, or if most expressions are informal or in conventional
math style but you just want to refer to the OM symbol probably I'd use
the # form.

> Anyone wants to share any thoughts on what might be preferable, and
> why? And how would one format these things? Is it for example:
> \texttt{gamma at nums1} \texttt{gamma}@\texttt{nums1}
> \texttt{nums1\#gamma} \texttt{nums1}\#\texttt{gamma}
> \texttt{nums1.gamma} $\mathrm{nums1.gamma}$

I don't think you need monospace \mathrm seems a good choice or if you
are writing things as prefix functions \mathop{\mathrm{...}} or its
wrapper from amsmath \DeclareMathOperator either way that would give you
the font and spacing of the standard latex \log symbol


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