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Christoph LANGE math.semantic.web at gmail.com
Mon May 27 19:04:17 CEST 2013

Hi Lars (@Paul, @Olga: some questions for you inline),

2013-05-27 17:58 Lars Hellström:
> Is there a reasonably up-to-date OpenMath bibliography somewhere (that I
> just can't seem to find at the moment)?

I am not aware of an official one, but the bibliography of Michael
Kohlhase's research group (to which I am also still contributing) at
https://svn.kwarc.info/repos/kwarc/doc/bibs/kwarc.bib (best to check out
with Subversion and update occasionally) is reasonably complete at least
w.r.t. the MKM side of OpenMath.
> One would think that
>   http://www.openmath.org/documents/bibliography.html
> should be such a thing, but it only has entries from 1996--2000. :-(

I doubt anyone would volunteer to keep this up to date, or to set up a
BibTeX to HTML conversion at openmath.org, even though such conversions
are working elsewhere in theory and in practice.

Therefore let me suggest that, to this page, we _manually_ add links to
kwarc.bib and possibly other partial community-maintained OpenMath
bibliographies.  Makes sense?

> The items I'm looking for right now are:
> 1. Davenport & Kohlhase's "Quantifiers and Big Operators in OpenMath"
> from (I believe) OM2009. I've gotten the PDF from kwarc.info alright,
> but where was it published? (I have one source referencing it as
> unpublished.)

DavKoh:qio09 in kwarc.bib.  OK, I cheated a bit, I fixed the title just
seconds ago ;-)

> 2. Libbrecht's paper from OM2007 on "Content Dictionary Notations",

Just added this as Libbrecht:CDNotations07 (was easy as the OM 2007
workshop already existed).

> or
> whatever is the main reference for the .ntn file format (and associated
> things).

Note that there is no such thing as "_the_ .ntn" file format.

There is one by Paul and others (developed for ActiveMath), for which
AFAIK the best reference is ManLib:apo05 (MKM 2005) in kwarc.bib.  The
OM 2007 talk (actually I wonder whether there is a _paper_, as the
homepage only links to "abstract and slides") seems to report on some
more "recent" experiences with some _aspects_ of this format.  (@Paul,
you may want to correct my comment.)

There is a competing one by Michael and others, for which the best
reference is KMR:NoLMD08 (CICM 2008) in kwarc.bib.

Both parties called their files *.ntn and tried to push their format (or
rather a merger of both – not sure) for MathML 3 but didn't succeed, as
others (mainly David Carlisle IIRC, who is also on this list) argued
that XSLT can do the job well enough.  (Actually Paul's approach is
implemented based on XSLT.)  The last MathML 3 working draft that
includes this specification (in section 8.6) is w3c:WD-MathML3-20080409
in kwarc.bib.

> Here, several links lead into jem-thematic.net, and are thus
> nowadays broken.

@Olga: The JEM homepage was archived from Drupal into static HTML, but
that shouldn't have done harm to the URLs.  However it turns out that
links such as http://jem-thematic.net/node/167 no longer work but
actually have to be accessed as http://jem-thematic.net/node/167/
(leading to .../index.html).  The best solution would be to improve the
redirections at jem-thematic.net; a workaround for OpenMath would be to
fix any such links on openmath.org.  @Paul, would you (being one of the
2007 editors) mind doing it?

Hope that helps,


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