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Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net
Mon May 27 23:41:13 CEST 2013

Christoph LANGE skrev 2013-05-27 19.04:
> Hi Lars (@Paul, @Olga: some questions for you inline),
> 2013-05-27 17:58 Lars Hellström:
>> Is there a reasonably up-to-date OpenMath bibliography somewhere (that I
>> just can't seem to find at the moment)?
> I am not aware of an official one,

There are plenty of research topics where the most comprehensive 
bibliography is unofficially maintained by a member of the community, so 
that's hardly an unusual state of the matter.

Although admittedly this "member of the community" is often one Nelson Beebe 
:-), who doesn't seem to hang around here. But he can't be everywhere.

> but the bibliography of Michael
> Kohlhase's research group (to which I am also still contributing) at
> https://svn.kwarc.info/repos/kwarc/doc/bibs/kwarc.bib (best to check out

Thanks for the link!

> with Subversion and update occasionally) is reasonably complete at least
> w.r.t. the MKM side of OpenMath.
>> One would think that
>>    http://www.openmath.org/documents/bibliography.html
>> should be such a thing, but it only has entries from 1996--2000. :-(
> I doubt anyone would volunteer to keep this up to date, or to set up a
> BibTeX to HTML conversion at openmath.org, even though such conversions
> are working elsewhere in theory and in practice.

Exposure-wise, just a semiannually updated PDF with all entries from 
kwarc.bib would be a huge improvement.

> Therefore let me suggest that, to this page, we _manually_ add links to
> kwarc.bib and possibly other partial community-maintained OpenMath
> bibliographies.  Makes sense?


>> The items I'm looking for right now are:
>> 1. Davenport&  Kohlhase's "Quantifiers and Big Operators in OpenMath"
>> from (I believe) OM2009. I've gotten the PDF from kwarc.info alright,
>> but where was it published? (I have one source referencing it as
>> unpublished.)
> DavKoh:qio09 in kwarc.bib.  OK, I cheated a bit, I fixed the title just
> seconds ago ;-)
>> 2. Libbrecht's paper from OM2007 on "Content Dictionary Notations",
> Just added this as Libbrecht:CDNotations07 (was easy as the OM 2007
> workshop already existed).
>> or
>> whatever is the main reference for the .ntn file format (and associated
>> things).
> Note that there is no such thing as "_the_ .ntn" file format.

Ah! That explains a couple of things...

> There is one by Paul and others (developed for ActiveMath), for which
> AFAIK the best reference is ManLib:apo05 (MKM 2005) in kwarc.bib.  The
> OM 2007 talk (actually I wonder whether there is a _paper_, as the
> homepage only links to "abstract and slides") seems to report on some
> more "recent" experiences with some _aspects_ of this format.  (@Paul,
> you may want to correct my comment.)
> There is a competing one by Michael and others, for which the best
> reference is KMR:NoLMD08 (CICM 2008) in kwarc.bib.

...such as how fleeting the references I've come across have been.

> Both parties called their files *.ntn and tried to push their format (or
> rather a merger of both – not sure) for MathML 3 but didn't succeed, as
> others (mainly David Carlisle IIRC, who is also on this list) argued
> that XSLT can do the job well enough.

Hmm... The job of doing the transformation to presentation form: yes, I 
suppose so. The job of recording what notation to use for various 
mathematical symbols: quite a different matter.

So in practice it is files such as
   http://www.openmath.org/OpenMath3/xsl/cd/set1.xsl   [*]
which are used to assign notations to OM symbols? Is that documented 
anywhere? (One would think CD contibutors could benefit from knowing.)

[*] Except that /that file/ is in a probably obsolete hierarchy, and 
therefore is likely a possibly modified copy of an old version of the proper 
file, which I haven't been able to guess an URL for.

> (Actually Paul's approach is
> implemented based on XSLT.)  The last MathML 3 working draft that
> includes this specification (in section 8.6) is w3c:WD-MathML3-20080409
> in kwarc.bib.
>> Here, several links lead into jem-thematic.net, and are thus
>> nowadays broken.
> @Olga: The JEM homepage was archived from Drupal into static HTML, but
> that shouldn't have done harm to the URLs.  However it turns out that
> links such as http://jem-thematic.net/node/167 no longer work but
> actually have to be accessed as http://jem-thematic.net/node/167/

(Subtle! I'll have to remember that.)

> (leading to .../index.html).  The best solution would be to improve the
> redirections at jem-thematic.net; a workaround for OpenMath would be to
> fix any such links on openmath.org.  @Paul, would you (being one of the
> 2007 editors) mind doing it?
> Hope that helps,

Quite a lot. Thanks!

Lars Hellström

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