[Om] [sd] symbolicdata.org domain switched off

graebe graebe at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Nov 3 14:51:37 CET 2014

Dear SD followers,

it turned out that the domain symbolicdata.org was accidentally included 
by GI authorities into a bundle of domains to be released and meanwhile 
taken over by third party. We asked the authorities to try hardly to get 
the domain back.

For the moment all services are delivered from the base domain 
symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de, i.e.

* http://symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de/Data - the Ontowiki based RDF Store
* http://wiki.symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de - the Wiki
* http://symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de:8890/sparql - the SD Sparql endpoint
* http://symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de:8892/sparql - the CASN Sparql endpoint

Please redirect your SD-based applications.

Best regards, hgg

Am 02.11.2014 um 09:12 schrieb hgg:
> Dear SD followers,
> by reasons unknown to me recently the symbolicdata.org domain was
> switched off. The domain is paid by the CA Fachgruppe, the domain owner
> is the GI office.
> As a consequence all services using this domain, in particular all
> services described in our paper in the CA Rundbrief 55 just shipped to
> the readers and also the SD based services of the CA-FG website are not
> available.
> I will try to get operating the addresses
> symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de and wiki.symbolicdata.uni-leipzig.de
> during the next days to deliver the services of symbolicdata.org and
> wiki.symbolicdata.org.
> Of course, this does neither solve the availability problem using the
> original addresses in the printed version of our CAR paper nor the
> availability of the services at the CAFG website.
> hgg


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