[Om] Named functions in OpenMath

Wenzel, Ken Ken.Wenzel at iwu.fraunhofer.de
Mon May 4 10:34:58 CEST 2015


I wonder what is the correct way to represent a named function in OpenMath.

For example, I like to describe a function named "area" that computes the
area of a rectangle.

The corresponding Popcorn expression for the anonymous function is:

fns1.lambda[$a, $b -> $a * $b]

What is now the correct method to name this function.

I can, for example, just give it an ID like

fns1.lambda[$a, $b -> $a * $b] : area

and invoke it with #area(3, 4) at an later point.

But I think this is some kind of structure sharing since the lambda expression is
simply copied into the resulting OpenMath object and not the invocation of
a single function named "area".

I would be grateful if somebody can help me.

Best regards,

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