[Om] OpenMath Organization at github

Paul Libbrecht paul at hoplahup.net
Sat Jul 2 22:42:30 CEST 2016

Konrad Hinsen wrote:
>> Also: Are media-types adjustments possible? (and... some
>> XHTML-friendliness?)
> I don't know. 
This might be the biggest deal.
Could you try a .xhtml file? An .ocd file? A .sts file?
(we have not been very eager at doing the media type registrations

I remember there was also some automatic negotiation which we tried to
establish with Christoph Lange so that a form of cool-URLs appears (in
the sort of the "namespace document"). I pretty much fear this is not
going to hold anymore.

Custom domains seem supported.
We certainly do not want to loose all the many URLs to inside OM, in
particular to the CDs.


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