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James Davenport J.H.Davenport at bath.ac.uk
Tue Jan 9 23:09:36 CET 2018

University of Notre Dame, 24--27 July 2018



The 6th International Congress on Mathematical Software will be held from
July 24 to July 27, 2018 at the University of Notre Dame.
The General Chair is James H. Davenport and the Local Chairs are
Jonathan Hauenstein and Andrew Sommese.

The program consists of several topical sessions. Each session will provide an
overview of the challenges, achievements and progress in a subfield of
mathematical software research, development and use. A list of possible topics
is given at the bottom. The program committee will consist of the session
organizers. At this time we solicit session proposals.

How to propose a session?

    Prepare a session proposal with the following contents.
        title of the session
        name(s) of the organizer(s), with contact addresses and emails
        aim and scope of the session (at most 150 words)
    Submit it
        by email to one of the Program Chairs:
           Manuel Kauers <manuel.kauers at jku.at>
           George Labahn <glabahn at uwaterloo.ca>
           Josef Urban <josef.urban at gmail.com>
        at latest by Jan 31, 2018.
    The decision on the proposal will be made
        by the program chairs, the general chair, and the advisory board
           within mid-February 2018.

How to organize a session?

    Maintain a session web page. Send a call for abstracts to the potential
    speakers in the topic area of the session. Review the submitted abstracts
    and make decision on their acceptance, preferrably on a rolling basis.
    Complete the process by April 15, 2018. During the meeting, chair your

Format of a session

    A session will consist of one or more time slots. A time slot will consist
    of about 3-4 talks. We encourage that each session begins with one general
    overview talk (may be given by a session organizer). This format is meant
    only as a rough frame; the organization of a session can be done in a quite
    free fashion (e.g., concerning the duration of the individual
    contributions). "Talks" may also include software presentations and demos.

Possible topics for sessions

    These are not exclusive. You can propose any mathematical topic.
    These are not required titles of sessions. You can propose any title.
    These are provided as initial hint for topics and titles.

        theorem proving
        logic minimization
        quantifier elimination
    number theory
        diophantine equations
        algebraic numbers theory
        analytic number theory
        elliptic curves
        finite summation, difference equations
        arithmetic combinatorics
        algebraic combinatorics
        analytic combinatorics
        topological combinatorics
        group theory
        linear algebra
        polynomial algebra
        differential algebra
        homological algebra
        non-commutative algebra
        tensor algebra
        numerical analysis
        functional analysis
        differential/integral equations
        special functions
        computational geometry
        polyhedral geometry
        algebraic geometry
        differential geometry
        algebraic topology
        differential topology
        scientific computation
        engineering computation
        mathematical document processing
    mathematical problem solving platform
        mathematical theory exploration
        mathematical knowledge management
        user interface
        programming language
        kernel design

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