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Sun Feb 23 02:16:54 CET 2020

Dear Colleague,  

This is an Invitation to Participate in the conference with an Abstract and
to propose an Invited Session/s (3-6 talks) or a Workshop (more than 2

If you already have submitted your contribution please see the book from the
previous year CHAOS2019 on "12th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation
International Conference" (Springer, 2020) at
https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030395148 .

Already published the book from CHAOS2018 on "11th Chaotic Modeling and
Simulation International Conference" (Springer, 2019):


A first list of Invited Sessions/Workshops is already in the conference
website along with the Plenary/Keynote Speakers (see at www.cmsim.org
<http://www.cmsim.org>  and related pages as
http://www.cmsim.org/committeesplenary2020.html and
http://www.cmsim.org/invitedsessions2020.html ).


The Nonlinear Systems Conference titled:  13th Chaotic Modeling and
Simulation International Conference (CHAOS2020, 9-12 June 2020, Florence,
Italy, www.cmsim.org <http://www.cmsim.org>  ) will be hosted in the Grand
Hotel Adriatico. Download the poster at:


Chaos theory is developed rapidly the last decades. With CHAOS2020
International Conference we celebrate 13 years of active presence in the
field via the annual conference, the proceedings and publications in books
(The Springer Proceedings in Complexity) and the CMSIM Journal.


Many thanks to the Honorary Committee and the Scientific Committee for their


For Abstract submission and special session proposals please visit the
conference website at: www.cmsim.org <http://www.cmsim.org>  or send email
to  <mailto:Secretariat at cmsim1.org> Secretariat at cmsim1.org . A Late
Submission option isprovided.


New Book from Lectures in CHAOS2017: Fractional Dynamics, Anomalous
Transport and Plasma Science (C. H. Skiadas, Ed), Springer (2018)



You can also submit papers for publication in the CMSIM Journal at
www.cmsim.eu <http://www.cmsim.eu/>  where the best papers presented are
included, further to other publications in Springer and the Springer
Proceedings in Complexity. 


Looking forward to welcome you in Florence for the Conference,


On behalf of the Conference Committee,


Prof. Christos H Skiadas,

Conference Chair


Over the years several Books from leading publishers emerged from the CHAOS
Conferences and events. 

To see a list of the main publications further to the Conference Proceedings
visit the first page of the Conference website at: www.cmsim.org
<http://www.cmsim.org>  .



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