[Om] CICM 2021, July 26-31, Call for online participation

Serge Autexier serge.autexier at dfki.de
Sun Jul 25 12:50:45 CEST 2021

                        Call for Participation

         14th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
                            - CICM 2021 -
                         July 26-31, 2021

          *Participation on Zoom is FREE after registration*



Digital and  computational solutions are becoming  the prevalent means
for the generation, communication, processing, storage and curation of
mathematical information.

CICM brings together the many separate communities that have developed
theoretical and practical solutions for mathematical applications such
as computation, deduction, knowledge  management, and user interfaces.
It offers  a venue for  discussing problems  and solutions in  each of
these areas and their integration.

CICM 2021 Programme committee:
    see https://www.cicm-conference.org/2021/cicm.php?event=&menu=pc

CICM 2021 submissions are about all topics relating  to intelligent
computer mathematics, in particular but not limited to

* theorem proving and computer algebra
* mathematical knowledge management
* digital mathematical libraries

CICM appreciates the  varying nature of the relevant research in this
area and presents a mix of submissions of different forms: regular 
papers, project  and  survey  papers, system  and  dataset 

See you soon on-line!

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