[Om] Web-based Strict Content MathML formula editor

Andreas Krinke andreas.krinke at tu-dresden.de
Tue Feb 8 17:01:20 CET 2022

Dear all,

we have published a web-based formula editor that produces Strict 
Content MathML. There is a demo website [1] and the source code is 
available at GitHub [2] and as npm package [3].

The supported OpenMath content dictionaries are listed on these pages.

- support of custom symbols; For example, you can define U_max as a 
custom symbol, so that typing "Umax" produces <ci>Umax</ci> instead of 
the product "U × m × a × x".
- support of SI prefixes and units (the two right-most tabs in the 
on-screen keyboard)
- support of piecewise-defined expressions
- automatic detection of integers, real numbers, and rational numbers

The hard work is done by the mathematics input widget Guppy [4], we are 
just converting Guppy's internal XML code to Strict Content MathML.

Andreas Krinke

[1] https://ifte-eda.github.io/strict-content-mathml-editor/
[2] https://github.com/IFTE-EDA/strict-content-mathml-editor
[3] https://www.npmjs.com/package/strict-content-mathml-editor
[4] https://guppy.js.org/site/

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Krinke
Scientific Assistant

Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Electromechanical and Electronic Design
01062 Dresden, Germany
Phone: +49 351 463 34705
Fax:   +49 351 463 37183
E-Mail: andreas.krinke at tu-dresden.de
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