[Om] 'Call for Papers: 17th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM 2024)

Serge Autexier serge.autexier at dfki.de
Fri Nov 24 08:37:52 CET 2023

                                Call for Papers

                       formal papers - doctoral programme
              17th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
                                 - CICM 2024 -
                                August 5–9, 2024
                                Montréal, Canada



More  and  more  mathematical  information is  digitally  processed,  generated,
communicated, stored and curated.

CICM  brings  together  the  many   separate  communities  that  have  developed
theoretical  and  practical  solutions  for mathematical  applications  such  as
computation, deduction, knowledge management, and  user interfaces.  It offers a
venue for  discussing problems and  solutions in each  of these areas  and their

CICM 2024  invites submissions  in all topics  relating to  intelligent computer
mathematics, in particular but not limited to

* theorem proving and computer algebra
* mathematical knowledge management
* digital mathematical libraries

*** Important Dates ***

 Formal submissions 
  - Abstract deadline:              March 11, 2024
  - Full paper deadline:            March 18, 2024
  - Reviews sent to authors:        April 29, 2024
  - Rebuttals due:                  May 1, 2024
  - Notification of acceptance:     May 16, 2024
  - Camera-ready copies due:        June 3, 2024
  - Conference:                     August 5-9, 2024

Doctoral programme applications
   - Submission deadline:           June 13, 2024
   - Notification of acceptance:    June 28, 2024

CICM appreciates  the varying nature of  the relevant research in  this area and
invites submissions of two different forms:

*** Formal Paper Submissions ***

Formal  submissions will  be reviewed  rigorously  and accepted  papers will  be
published in a volume of Springer LNAI:

   * regular  papers (up  to 15  pages  + bibliography)  present novel  research
   * project  and  survey papers  (up  to  15  pages +  bibliography)  summarize
      existing results
   * system  and dataset  descriptions (4  to  5 pages  + bibliography)  present
     digital artifacts

*** Doctoral Symposium: Two-Page Abstracts***

The doctoral programme provides PhD students a forum to present early results to
receive constructive feedback and mentoring.  To attend, submissions of two-page
abstracts are expected in which the focus and research questions of the expected
PhD  theses are  described; details  on completed  research tasks  and remaining
research plans should be given. In addition to these abstract, a two-pages CV of
the applicant should also be  submitted, detailing background information (name,
university,   supervisor),   education   (sought  degree,   previous   degrees),
employments   and   relevant   research   experience   (publications,   attended

*** Submissions ***   

All submissions should be made via EasyChair at


using the Springer LNCS style files


CICM  2024 proceedings,  containing  the accepted  formal  submissions, will  be
published in the Springer LNAI series.

*** Participation - Physical Event ***

CICM 2024 will  be held as a  physical event and participation  is possible only
on-site. At least one of the authors  of accepted papers is expected to register
to CICM 2024 and present the work(s) on-site.

*** Best Papers ***

CICM 2024 honors the  best paper and best student paper  with respect to reviews
and program committee discussions with an award.

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