[Om] Proposed Change of OpenMath Communication (please feedack)

Michael Kohlhase michael.kohlhase at fau.de
Tue Oct 3 09:49:56 CEST 2023

Dear OpenMath Community,

you have probably noticed that the interest in OpenMath Workshops in 
presence has dwindled in the last years.

Therefore we suggest to no longer set us up for failure by trying for 
such workshops, but to change to forms of communication that are better 
suited to the current maintenantce mode of OpenMath. Concretely, we 
propose to complement the OpenMath mailing lists by a chat for helping 
out with practical problems and to organize three quarterly zoom 
meetings (the summer meeting seems unrealistic).

We would like to experiment with different formats for the quarterly 
meetings (e.g. a fixed topic for discussion, or an online talk, ...).

Here are some possible dates over the coming year (all fridays, just as 
a suggestion)

Nov 3. 15:00 CET

Feb 2. 15:00 CET

May 5. 15:00 CET

Please give us feedback on this plan. If we do not hear of any stiff 
opposition  or constructive change proposals until October 20, we will 
consider this plan as accepted by the community and start with the dates 

Michael Kohlhase, James Davenport, and Lars Hellstrom

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