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                Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation
                           a Workshop at ISSAC'99
                               July 28, 1999
                         (Preliminary Announcement)

   The IAMC workshop will be held on July 28, 1999 at ISSAC'99
   (International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation), an
   ACM SIGSAM/SIGNUM Symposium to be held July 28--31, 1999 at the Simon
   Fraser University Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
   The IAMC workshop is being co-organized by Paul Wang of Kent State
   (USA) and Norbert Kajler of Ecole des Mines de Paris (France).
   Everyone with an interet in the many aspects of making mathematical
   computation or information accessible on the Web/Internet is welcome
   to attend.
   The Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation Workshop will be held
   on 7/28/99 and will have a number of invited talks, contributed
   position papers (please send one-page abstract in postscript or PDF to
   the organizers), and ample time for discussions. We also hope to form
   an IAMC working group to foster research advancements and promote
   activities in this area. The workshop talks will become available on
   the Web, specifically on SymbolicNet.
   If you are interested please contact one of the organizers. The
   schedule and other details of this workshop will be forthcoming and
   will be available on both the ISSAC'99 official site and on
   The IAMC workshop is part of the pre-conference activities on 7/28/99
   coordinated by George Labahn Registration for this workshop will be
   part of the ISSAC'99 registration process.

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