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                          Call for Papers
                         28 JAIIO - WAIT'99
           Argentinian Workshop on Theoretical Computer Science
                      Buenos Aires - Argentina
                         September 6-7, 1999

The 3rd Argentinian Workshop on Theoretical Computer Science (WAIT'99)
will be part on the 28th Argentinean Conference on Informatics and
Operations Research (28 JAIIO), to be held in Buenos Aires from September
6th to September 10th, 1999.

The goal of the workshop is bringing together researchers from academy
(from Argentinean and other universities) and industry professionals in
order to discuss theoretical, empirical and experimental results on the
field of theoretical computer science.

This workshop will consist of invited talks and technical presentations.

Contributions are expected in all the areas of theoretical computer
science, including the following:

* Logical and algebraic foundations for computer science (logics for
computer science, category theory, relation algebras, type theory, etc.),

* Formal program construction (formal specification of sequential and
concurrent programs; analysis, verification and transformation of
programs, etc.),

* Algorithms and data structures (sequential, parallel, distributed,
on-line, probabilistic, etc.),

* Computational complexity,

* Automata theory,

* Graph theory,

* Symbolic and algebraic computation.

The expected contributions will describe original results as well as
undergoing research and development projects on theoretical computer
science coming from academy and industry.

Papers will be refereed by the International Program Committee, based
on the following:

* Papers reporting research / experimental results: these papers must
present previously unpublished results and will be judged based on their
originality, significance, relevance and clarity of presentation.
Authors must submit an extended abstract of up to 4 pages containing
enough information to allow the referees to determine the merits of their
work. It is also allowed to submit the full paper of up to 12 pages
including figures and references.

* Research projects: aiming to fostering the cooperation among national
and foreign researchers, short papers describing ongoing research will
be considered. Papers in this category may report already published
results. In that case, the authors must include the corresponding references.

* Industrial / Commercial applications: also relevant are papers describing
applications of theoretical results to real-life situations. Short papers
describing results that are both of significance for industry and that make
novel or defying applications of theoretical results are sought.


                Thomas S. E. Maibaum (Imperial College, London, UK)

                Bernhard Moeller (Universitaet Augsburg, Germany) 


In order to facilitate the widest dissemination of the papers, authors are
recommended the use of the English language. Nevertheless, papers in Spanish
or Portuguese are also welcome.

The deadline for submission of papers is May 3rd, 1999. Papers must be
submitted electronically in PostScript format (ghostview-readable) to the
e-mail address:
                   wait99 at sol.info.unlp.edu.ar

Authors must send in a separate message in ASCII format the following: title
of the paper, name and affiliation of all the authors, their e-mail addresses,
phone and FAX numbers, an abstract of their contribution of at most ten lines,
a list of keywords that best describe the paper, and also the category within
which the paper is to be evaluated.

Alternative ways for paper submission are possible and must be discussed with
the workshop co-chairs.

The format for camera-ready papers will be announced with the letter of


Deadline for reception of papers....................May 3rd, 1999
Notification of acceptance..........................June 15th, 1999
Deadline for reception of camera-ready versions.....July 16th, 1999


Prof. Gabriel Baum
LIFIA Dto. de Informatica
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Calle 50 y 115 1er piso.
(1900) La Plata - Argentina
Tel/Fax : +54-21-22-8252
e-mail: gbaum at sol.info.unlp.edu.ar

Prof. Marcelo Frias
Dpto. De Computacion -FCEyN-
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Pabellon I - Ciudad Universitaria
1428- Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Tel/Fax : +54-1-783-0729
e-mail: mfrias at sol.info.unlp.edu.ar


Gabriel Baum (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
Javier Blanco (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina)
Luis Fariñas del Cerro (Universite Paul Sabatier, France)
Esteban Feuerstein (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires and Universidad
Nacional de                        General Sarmiento, Argentina)
Marcelo Frias (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Armando Haeberer (Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Edward Hermann Haeusler (Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Rio de Janeiro,
Joos Heintz (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Roger Maddux (Iowa State University, USA)
Tom Maibaum (Imperial College, UK)
Bernhard Moeller (Universitaet Augsburg, Germany)
Gonzalo Navarro (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
Alfredo Olivero (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires and Universidad
Nacional de                  General Sarmiento, Argentina)
Ruy de Queiroz (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil)
Alvaro Tasistro (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay)
Sergio Yovine (CNRS-VERIMAG, France)

For more information send e-mail to: jaiio at sadio.edu.ar, write to:
                SADIO / WAIT'99
                Uruguay 252 2D
                1015 - Buenos Aires
                TEL: +54-1-3715755/4763950
                FAX: +54-1-3723950

 or see http://www.uba.ar/wwws/sadio
Gabriel Baum
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Calle 50 y 115 - 1er piso
(1900) La Plata
e-mail: gbaum at sol.info.unlp.edu.ar
Tel/Fax: +54 21 228252

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