[om-a] ASCM03 rescheduled for Oct. 23 - 25

Ziming Li z6li at scg.math.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jul 18 23:47:48 CEST 2003

The Sixth Asian Symposium of Computer Mathematics (ASCM 2003) was
postponed due to the SARS outbreak in Beijing during Spring. We are
happy to note that Beijing continues to report no more new SARS cases or
related deaths and there are currently no WHO/CDC advisories against
travelling to or from Beijing (or any other parts in Asia). In June, as
SARS was subsiding worldwide, we surveyed the members of ASCM 2003
program committee and potential participants on whether ASCM 2003 should
be held in late August, late October, 2003 or late April, 2004. We thank
very much everyone who replied us. 

Based on these responses and in consultation with the local organization
committee, a decision was made to hold ASCM 2003 in Beijing on October
23, 24
and 25, 2003.  It was not an easy choice, as both October and April were
favored almost equally among the responses (with only an insignificant
number favoring August). In order to bring the research results of ASCM
to the computer mathematics community as soon as possible, the Program
Committee co-chairs recommended the October period and the local
committee decided on the dates.

We regret and apologize to those (especially authors) who would not be
able to join us at ASCM in October.  Our choice of the new dates is not
meant to be discriminatory and we sincerely hope that you will continue
your support of ASCM by making an extraordinary effort to attend. For
authors whose paper already appeared in the Proceedings but would not be
attending, we would be glad to arrange a presentation of your work "in
absentia." In such cases, please let us know by October 1 how you would
like this to be done (for example, you can designate someone else to
present it for you, or we can put up your paper as a poster and assign
someone familiar with your research area to be stationed during the
poster session).

We intend to invite leading experts to organize special sessions on
topics of particular interest to the ASCM community. If you have a topic
that you think should be included, or if you would like to recommend a
leading expert (including yourself), please communicate with us. The
deadline for proposing and organizing a special session is August 15.

We shall be making a more detailed announcement of the program as soon
as we are able to confirm the details. Please consult the official
website frequently for pre-registration and travel arrangement
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