[Om-announce] RISC PhD Call Letter

Robert Vajda phdcall at risc.uni-linz.ac.at
Wed Dec 14 19:59:46 CET 2005

Dear Colleague,

Could you be so kind to make this announcement known in your department?

[In case you receive this mail several times, we want to apologize in 

The Research Institute for Symbolic Computation at the Johannes Kepler 
University in Linz, Austria (RISC-Linz) accepts Ph.D. students in 
symbolic computation, a young and
promising field in computer science and mathematics.

Requirements for Applications 2006/2007

The minimum requirement is a master's degree, preferably in mathematics 
or computer science. For applying, please send the following material:

1. an application letter,
2. a curriculum vitae and a photograph,
3. a list of all courses that you have taken during your university
studies, including the number of hours credited and the grades,
4. a copy of your master's thesis or any other publications, if
available ,
5. for non-native English speaking applicants a certificate of
knowledge of the English language, preferably a TOEFL certificate,
6. a confirmation of a university in your home country stating that
you are qualified to study for a Ph.D. there,
7. at least two written recommendations, preferably by international

Please, be aware that the first year at RISC-Linz is a test period. 
After this year, starting in October 2006, the RISC-Linz faculty decides 
about your final acceptance as a Ph.D. student. RISC-Linz does not 
financially support students in their first probational year; applicants 
are expected to organize their own funding for this period. However, for 
top applicants a limited number of special Ph.D. fellowships is available.

Deadline for the application for the academic year 2006/07 is February 
28, 2006. In March you will be notified about the decision.

All material should be sent to:

Günter Landsmann
Graduate studies coordinator,
RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University, A-4040 Linz, Austria.
Please be aware that incomplete applications might not be considered.

Important Note:

Students at Austrian universities are charged tuition fees. Since these 
fees depend on citizenship we refer to the information at Johannes 
Kepler University Linz:


You can find detailed information about the RISC Curriculum in Symbolic 
Computation in the brochure


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