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    [- Deadline for early registration extended to: Dec 20th.]

                     Eighth International Symposium on
               Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
                                PADL 06

	                  Charleston Place Hotel
                        Charleston, South Carolina
                             January 9-10, 2006

             Co-located with ACM's Principles of Programming Languages,
		      (POPL Dates: January 11-13, 2006)

You are cordially invited to attend the 8th Symposium on Practical Aspects
of Declarative Languages to be held in Charleston, SC. PADL has a very interesting
program that includes invited speakers as well contributed papers.
Contributed papers range over diverse topics: from bioinformatics to
music modeling to semantic web.

Invited Speakers:

	Phil Wadler, University of Edinburgh, speaking on
	    Links: Linking Theory to Practice for the Web
	David Roundy, Cornell University
            Implementing and verifying the darcs patch formalism
	Erik Meijer, Microsoft Research (title TBA)

Contributed papers:

Using CHRs to generate functional test cases for the Java Card Virtual Machine
	Sandrine-Dominique GOURAUD and Arnaud GOTLIEB.

Generic Cut Actions for External Prolog Predicates
	Tiago Soares, Ricardo Rocha and Michel Ferreira.

Controlling search space materialization in a practical declarative debugger
	Ian MacLarty and Zoltan Somogyi.

Automatic Verification of a Model Checker by Reflection
	Bow-Yaw Wang.

Probabilistic-logical Modeling of Music
	Jon Sneyers, Joost Vennekens and Danny De Schreye.

Using Dominators for Solving Constrained Path Problems
	Luis Quesada, Peter Van Roy, Yves Deville and Raphakl Collet.

JQuery: A Generic Code Browser with a Declarative Configuration Language
	Kris De Volder.

A Hybrid BDD and SAT Finite Domain Constraint Solver
	Peter Hawkins and Peter Stuckey.

Adding constraint solving to Mercury
	Ralph Becket, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Kim Marriott, Zoltan Somogyi, Peter Stuckey and Mark Wallace.

Modeling Genome Evolution with a DSEL for Probabilistic Programming
	Martin Erwig and Steve Kollmansberger.

Tabling in Mercury: Design and Implementation
	Zoltan Somogyi and Konstantinos Sagonas.

Translating Description Logic Queries to Prolog
	Zsolt Nagy, Gergely Lukacsy and Piter Szeredi.

Efficient top-down set-sharing analysis using cliques
	Jorge Navas, Francisco Bueno and Manuel Hermenegildo.

Querying Complex Graphs
	Yanhong A. Liu and Scott D. Stoller.

Incremental Evaluation of Tabled Prolog: Beyond Pure Logic Programs
	Diptikalyan Saha and C. R. Ramakrishnan.

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