[Om-announce] PPDP'08: Call for Participation

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Fri May 30 11:30:36 CEST 2008

             ACM PPDP 2008 -  Call For Participation

            10th ACM-SIGPLAN International Symposium on
        Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming

               Valencia, Spain, July 15-17, 2008

         ****  EARLY REGISTRATION: June 10 2008  ****


SCOPE:  PPDP   2008  is  a  forum  for   the  declarative  programming
communities,  gathering researchers working  on logic,  constraint and
functional  programming,  but   also  on  other  programming  language
paradigms like visual programming, executable specification languages,
database languages, AI and  knowledge representation languages for the
"semantic web".

RELATED  EVENTS:   PPDP  2008  will   be  co-located  with   the  15th
International   Static  Analysis  Symposium   (SAS  2008),   the  18th
International   Symposium  on   Logic-Based   Program  Synthesis   and
Transformation  (LOPSTR 2008)  and the  4th International  Workshop on
Programming Language Interference and Dependence (PLID 2008).


Invited Speaker:
Michael Leuschel. Declarative Programming for Verification: Lessons
and Outlook

Accepted Papers:

Veronique Benzaken, Giuseppe Castagna, Dario Colazzo and Cedric
Miachon. Pattern by Example: type-driven visual programming of XML

Lunjin Lu. Inferring Precise Polymorphic Type Dependencies in Logic
Programs Olaf Chitil and Thomas Davie. Comprehending Finite Maps for
Algorithmic Debugging of Higher-Order Functional Programs

Christian Schulte and Peter Stuckey. Dynamic Variable Elimination
during Propagation Solving

Thibaut Feydy, Andreas Schutt and Peter Stuckey. Global Difference
Constraint Propagation for Finite Domain Solvers

Romain Pchoux and Jean-Yves Marion. Characterizations of polynomial
complexity with a better intensionality

rinus plasmeijer, Jan Martin Jansen, Pieter Koopman and Peter
Achten. Declarative Ajax and Client Side Evaluation of Workflows using

Peter Thiemann and Matthias Neubauer. Macros for Context-Free Grammars

Yves Bertot and Vladimir Komendantsky. Fixed point semantics and
partial recursion in Coq

Martin Sulzmann and Edmund Lam. Parallel Execution of Multi-Set
Constraint Rewrite Rules

Raphael Chenouard, Laurent Granvilliers and Ricardo Soto. Model-Driven
Constraint Programming

Manuel Montenegro, Ricardo Pena and Clara Segura. A Type System for
Safe Memory Management and its Proof of Correctness

Hendrik Decker and Davide Martinenghi. Classifying Integrity Checking
Methods with regard to Inconsistency Tolerance

Mauro Piccolo and Luca Paolini. Semantically Linear Programming

Salvador Lucas and Jose Meseguer. Order-Sorted Dependency Pairs

Edison Mera, Pedro Lopez-Garcia, Manuel Carro and Manuel
Hermenegildo. Towards Execution Time Estimation in Abstract
Machine-Based (Logic) Languages

Clara Bertolissi and Maribel Fernandez. A rewriting framework for the
composition of access control policies

Michael Hanus. Call Pattern Analysis for Functional Logic Programs

Sonia Estévez, Antonio J. Fernández, Teresa Hortalá
González, Mario Rodríguez Artalejo, Fernando Saenz-Perez and
Rafael del Vado Vírseda. Cooperation of Constraint Domains in the
TOY System

Brigitte Pientka and Joshua Dunfield. Programming with proofs and
explicit contexts

Rafael Caballero, Mario Rodrí­guez Artalejo and Carlos
A. Romero-Díaz. Similarity-based Reasoning in Qualified Logic

Paulo F. Silva and Jose Oliveira. 'Galculator': Functional prototype
of a Galois-connection based proof assistant

Carlos Olarte and Frank D. Valencia. On the Expressivity of Universal
Timed CCP: Undecidability of Monadic FLTL and Closure Operators for

José Morales, Manuel Carro and Manuel Hermenegildo. Comparing Tag
Scheme Variations Using an Abstract Machine Generator


PROGRAM CHAIR:   Sergio Antoy, Portland State University
SYMPOSIUM CHAIR: Elvira Albert, Complutense University of Madrid
LOCAL CHAIR:	 Christophe Joubert, Technical University of Valencia


Elvira Albert        Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Sergio Antoy         Portland State University, USA
Maribel Fernandez    King's College London, UK
Maurizio Gabbrielli  University of Bologna, Italy
Neil Ghani           University of Nottingham, UK
Masami Hagiya        University of Tokyo, Japan
Joxan Jaffar         National University, Singapore
Claude Kirchner      INRIA Bordeaux, France
Herbert Kuchen       University of Muenster, Germany
Michael Maher        NICTA and University of New South Wales, Australia
Dale Miller          INRIA Saclay, France
Eugenio Moggi        University of Genova, Italy
Kostis Sagonas       Uppsala University, Sweden
Carsten Schurmann,   IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Peter Sestoft        IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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