[Om-announce] CFP: 2nd International Workshop on Dependable Network Computing and Mobile Systems (DNCMS 2009)

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Mon Jun 8 15:03:27 CEST 2009

2nd International Workshop on Dependable Network Computing and Mobile
Systems (DNCMS 2009)

Held in conjunction with SRDS 2009, Niagara Falls, New York, U.S.A.,
September 27, 2009

Due to the strong growth in mobile devices, networked embedded systems,
wireless sensors, and the ever increasing information computing power
offered by computing clusters and information services over stationary
networks, the integration of network computing and mobile systems presents
new challenges, especially with respect to the dependability of integrated
applications: accepted measures of availability, costs, and quality of
service for high-bandwidth, high-quality stationary systems, have to be
re-thought, facing possibly new dependability paradigms for cheap,
resource restricted, unreliable mobile systems with low-bandwidth
communication facilities, being embedded and subject to the conditions in
the physical world.

This workshop solicits papers addressing dependability issues related to
the design, analysis, and implementation, of infrastructures, systems,
architectures, algorithms and protocols that deal with network computing
and mobile/ubiquitous systems.Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Wireless communication protocols and mobile networks
* Sensor networks
* Architectures and middleware for mobile device integration
* Location-based computing and data analysis
* Intelligent sensors in networked environments
* Cluster computing, ubiquitous computing, and grid-Computing for mobile
* Distributed data mining for mobile applications
* Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery
* Applications such as cooperative mobile robots, embedded applications, ...
* Hardware security methods for mobile applications
* Security methods for network computing and mobile systems
* Intelligent mobile systems

Please see the SRDS 2009 submission page for information, at:

* Submission due: July 6, 2009
* Decision due: August 10, 2009
* Camera-ready due: August 31, 2009
* Workshop date: September 27, 2009

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