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Fri Jun 4 00:12:00 CEST 2010

	FAST 2010:  Formal Aspects of Security and Trust

	Abstracts due: 13 June 
	Papers due:    20 June (strict) 

	LNCS Post-proceedings 

	Meeting:       16-17 Sept, Pisa 

This year, I'm again helping to organize Formal Aspects of
Security and Trust.  It's been a very high quality workshop
in recent years, with LNCS post-proceedings expected again
for this year.

Citeseer's most recent impact page (2007) lists it 80th for
impact among 581 CS venues.  That puts FAST a bit behind
ICALP and ESORICS (74, 76) but ahead of the Journal of
Artificial Intelligence and FMCAD (91, 98).

Have you been working on something that might be suitable?  

We have two categories of papers, full papers at 15 pages
and short ones at 5 pages.  Short papers can summarize your
recent work published elsewhere, or they can report work in
progress.  There is no simultaneous publication restriction
for short papers.  When appropriate, the PC can invite short
paper authors to expand them to full papers for the LNCS

I'd be very pleased if you'd consider submitting something
in either category.  And it'd be great to see you in Pisa in

Best -- 


                    7th International Workshop on
                  Formal Aspects of Security & Trust
                         16-17 September 2010
                             Pisa, Italia

                   FAST2010 is co-located with the
                 8th IEEE International Conference on


The seventh International Workshop on Formal Aspects of Security
and Trust (FAST2010) aims at continuing the successful efforts
of the previous FAST workshops, fostering cooperation among
researchers in the areas of security and trust.

Computing and network infrastructures have become pervasive, and
now they carry a great deal of economic activity.  Thus, society
needs well matching security and trust mechanisms.  Interactions
increasingly span several enterprises and involve loosely
structured communities of individuals.  Participants in these
activities must control interactions with their partners based
on trust policies and business logic.  Trust-based decisions
effectively determine the security goals for shared information
and for access to sensitive or valuable resources.

FAST focuses on the formal models of security and trust that are
needed to state goals and policies for these interactions.  We also
seek new and innovative techniques for establishing consequences of
these formal models.  Implementation approaches for such techniques
are also welcome.

Suggested submission topics include, but are not limited to:

Formal models for security, trust and reputation
Security protocol design and analysis
Logics for security and trust
Trust-based reasoning
Distributed trust management systems
Digital asset protection
Data protection
Privacy and ID management issues
Information flow analysis
Language-based security
Security and trust aspects in ubiquitous computing
Validation/Analysis tools
Web/Grid services security/trust/privacy
Security and risk assessment
Resource and access control
Case studies

Title/Abstract Submission:      13 June
Paper submission:               20 June (STRICT!)

Author Notification:        19 July
Pre-proceedings version:    1 September
Workshop:                   16-17 September
Post-proceedings version:   1 November

- Pierpaolo Degano, Universita` di Pisa, Italy
- Sandro Etalle, TU Eindhoven and Univ. Twente, the Netherlands
- Joshua Guttman, Worcester Polytechnic Inst., USA

Program Committee (tentative)

Gilles Barthe, IMDEA Software, Spain
Massimo Bartoletti, University of Cagliari, Italy
Lujo Bauer, CMU, USA
Cas Cremers, ETH Zurich
Frederic Cuppens, Telecom Bretagne, France
Pierpaolo Degano, University of Pisa, Italy (co-chair)
Sandro Etalle, TU Eindhoven and Univ. Twente, the Netherlands (co-chair)
Joshua Guttman, Worcester Polytechnic Inst., USA (co-chair)
Chris Hankin, Imperial College (London), UK
Bart Jacobs, Radboud Univ. Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Christian Jensen, DTU, Denmark
Fabio Martinelli, CNR, IT
Sjouke Mauw, University of Luxemburg, Luxembourg
Catherine Meadows, Naval Research Lab, USA
Ron van der Meyden, University of New South Wales, Australia
Mogens Nielsen, Aarhus, Denmark
Dusko Pavlovic, Kestrel Institute, USA and Oxford, UK
Riccardo Pucella, Northeastern, USA
Peter Ryan, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Steve Schneider, Surrey, UK
Jean-Marc Seigneur, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Luca Vigano', Universita` di Verona, Italy

Local Organizer

Ilaria Matteucci, IIT-CNR, Pisa <ilaria.matteucci at iit.cnr.it>

For additional information visit http://www.iit.cnr.it/FAST2010/
or e_mail to fast2010 at iit.cnr.it


As done for the previous issues of FAST, the post-proceedings of the
workshop will be published with LNCS (under negotiation).
A special journal issue is also planned.


We seek papers presenting original contributions. Two types of
submissions are possible:

(1) short papers, up to 5 pages in LNCS format,
(2) full papers, up to 15 pages in LNCS format.

Submissions should clearly state their category (1 or 2).
Author's full name, address, and e-mail must appear on the first page.

Short papers as well as full papers will be included in the
informal proceedings distributed at the workshop.  After the
workshop, authors of short papers which are judged mature enough
for publication will be invited to submit full papers. These
will be reviewed according to the usual refereeing procedures,
and accepted papers will be published in the post-proceedings in

Simultaneous submission of full papers to a journal or
conference/workshop with formal proceedings justifies rejection.
Short papers at FAST are not formally published, so this
restriction does not apply to them.  However, related
publications and overlapping submissions must be cited
explicitly in short papers.

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