[Om-announce] Amir Pnueli Festschrift at FLoC

Tayssir Touili touili at liafa.jussieu.fr
Fri Jun 4 11:44:00 CEST 2010

Printed copies of a Festschrift for Amir Pnueli at the specially-reduced
price of £29 can be ordered for pick-up at FLoC 2010.  See the
instructions below for how to place an order using the University of
Edinburgh ePay system. 

*Orders must be placed by Thursday 10th June 2010*

Details on the Festschrift

Title:     Time for Verification: Essays in Memory of Amir Pnueli
Editors:   Zohar Manna and Doron A. Peled 
Series:    Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Publisher: Springer 


  This volume is dedicated to the memory of the 1996 Turing Award winner
  Amir Pnueli, who passed away in November 2009.

  The Festschrift contains 15 scientific articles written by leading
  scientists who were close to Amir Pnueli either as former students,
  colleagues or friends. The topics covered span the entire breadth of
  the scientific work of Amir Pnueli, with a focus on the development
  and the application of formal methods.

  Also included is the first chapter of the unpublished Volume III of
  Zohar Manna and Amir Pnueli's work on the verification of reactive
  systems using temporal logic techniques.

Further details, including a list of the contributed papers, are available at


How to place an order using ePay
This University of Edinburgh ePay system is the same system as is used
for FLoC registration.  The Festschrift is listed as a separate item on
this system, so it can be ordered without going through the registration
process at the same time.

* Visit


* Enter the number of copies you would like and click "Add to Basket".

* Click on "My Account" at the top of the screen.  If you have already
  registered for FLoC, enter the email address and password you used for
  your ePay account then, and click "Login".

  Otherwise follow instructions on the screen for creating an ePay

* Click on "Shopping Basket" at the top of the screen.

* Click on "Proceed to Checkout"

* Select both a Delivery Address and Billing Address. The Delivery
  Address is required by the ePay system, but will not be used, as
  you will pick up your ordered copies at FLoC.

* Enter credit or debit card details and click "Continue".

* Click "Confirm Your Order" to complete your order.

More details on using the ePay system can be found on the FLoC
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