[Om-announce] NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions Released

Bruce Miller bruce.miller at nist.gov
Fri May 14 17:54:37 CEST 2010

[apologies for multiple copies]

The NIST Digital Library if Mathematical Functions (DLMF) is now
available for free public access at http://dlmf.nist.gov/.
The DLMF is a richly linked online reference on the special functions
of applied mathematics, including their essential properties, methods
of computation, visualizations, pointers to available software, and key references.

A companion print edition, the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions
has also been published by Cambridge University Press.
See http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521192255.
Together these works represent a successor to the highly successful
Handbook of Mathematical Functions (M. Abramowitz and I. Stegun, Eds.),
which was published by the National Bureau of Standards in 1964.

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